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"Your energetic and fun loving nature was contagious, and your dedication to anything you put your mind to was admirable. May your family and friends find some peace in knowing that you are loved by so many."

"You were such an amazing person taken from this world to soon. I'll always remember you and that wonderful smile."

"You were a genuinely kind soul and you left the world a better place with your presence."

"happiest, nicest dude I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. You will be missed so so much by everyone."

"Our character shows through in even the most minor interactions. Tyler, you and I never met in person, but from the little we spoke online, I sensed honesty, respect, and thoughtfulness. After reading the loving posts from your family and friends, I see that I was not wrong about you."

"Your warm smile & positive vibes will be remembered always."

"You made a difference here on earth. A very respected gentleman you were."

"Over the years of our friendship you've been the most sweetest, generous and genuine dear best friend to me. I'm going to miss you so much and your beautiful heart"

"Your contagious smile and incredibly bubbly personality will never be forgotten."

"Always admired your love for travelling as we had that in common. They say the good die young and this is definitely the case with you as it is clear how many people you had a profound impact on. You will be missed greatly."

"I remember when we were in your backyard planning out the pool party - the main thing you wanted was to send an open invite to everyone with open arm. great heart and meant so well all the time."

"You were always true to yourself and others. Your energy will never be forgotten."

"Toronto will never be the same without you, Tyler. You brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people, not only in the entertainment industry but outside of the nightlife realm as well. you were always so kind and genuine. I hope everyone remembers you for the wonderful funny soul you were and hope to god you know how much you are loved and missed by an entire community of people mourning the loss of a dear friend."

"I will always remember your glowing smile and kindness. Rest In Paradise my friend."

"You are amazing. Everyone loves you. You will be missed."

"You were always such a genuine soul with a huge heart and a good friend. You touched many souls and brought so many smiles. You will be missed brother, forever in my heart."

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